Qatar Can not Join NATO Members

The US military ship along with Qatar's ship during a joint exercise in the Arab Gulf, Qatar, June 16, 2017. This joint exercise was conducted amid rising tensions between Qatar and Saudi Arabia cs. REUTERS / Naseem Zeitoon – Qatar’s dream of becoming a permanent member of NATO has been lost. NATO Officially has refused their membership request.

Quoted from Reterus, Friday (13/7/2018), the announcement of rejection was actually done on June 6 last.

The biggest reason NATO rejects Qatar as a member is its membership only to the United States and Europe.

An official at NATO said if this had been set out in the articles in NATO.

“According to Article 10 of the Washington Treaty, only European countries can become members of NATO,” the official said.

According to him, Qatar can be a valuable strategic partner and loyal to NATO.

Qatar’s Defense Minister, Khalid bin Mohamed Al-Attiyah, had said the country’s long-term strategic dream is to join NATO.

Speaking to remember a year of diplomatic rows in the Gulf region, Khalid said the country wanted to become a full member of NATO. He noted the country has some of the best weapons in the region and is a key ally outside NATO.