US government accuses North Korea violates fuel import sanctions

Headline media newspapers in Singapore on Tuesday, June 12, 2018, colored the news about meetings Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump. Source: TEMPO / Suci Sekar – The US government has accused North Korea of ​​violating economic sanctions from the United Nations over restrictions on petroleum imports.

Quoted from Reuters on Friday (13/7/2018), In the report said that the existence of oil transfers olaan done between ships.

The United States has submitted complaint documents on this subject to the UN Security Council sanctions committee. The American accusation comes amid the process of implementing the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, agreed in Singapore in June 2018.

In the document, the US said 89 North Korean tankers had brought in illegal processing of oil from inter-shipping transfers in the past.

“The US government says 89 North Korean tankers bring in illegally processed petroleum obtained via intercapal transfer on May 30, 2018,” the statement said.

It does not state clearly which ships from which countries are supplying the refined petroleum. But the report says there are cases of petroleum transfers involving Russian-flagged vessels and Belize this year.

As previously reported, the 15 UN Security Council member states agreed to limit the import of refined petroleum by 500 thousand barrels per year in December 2017. This amount shrank drastically from the limit set in September 2018, which is 2 million barrels per year.

According to the UN Security Council website, two countries are selling processed petroleum products officially to North Korea, China and Russia, totaling about 14,000 tons by 2018.