China’s Chemical Plant Explosion, 19 People Killed

Residents fled in an explosion at a chemical plant in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, China, April 7, 2015. (AP Photo) – A chemical factory in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, China reportedly exploded and killed 19 people in the incident.

Reported by Xinhua, Friday (13/7/2018), In addition to the death toll, 12 other victims were injured and have been hospitalized.

Local officials in anonymous conditions say if the current condition of injured victims has stabilized.

“The condition of some of the injured victims is now stabilizing and we are investigating the incident,” he said.

Officials and police also have not been able to confirm what caused the explosion that the mechanic of the soul.

To confirm the deadly incident, the company that produces foodstuffs and the chemical industry is unwilling to answer Reuters’s questions on the phone.

A number of photos uploaded by social media in China show the fire soaring and smoke steaming from the factory. “We managed to control the fire at around 11:30 midnight,” the statement of the local government.