Trump Comes, Britons Protest and Fly the Giant Balloon

The protests were colored by the release of the Trump Baby balloon in London, England to oppose Donald Trump and his controversial policies. [CNN.NEWS] – A large orange-colored air balloon was flown outside the British Parliament building.

Reporting from CNN, Friday (13/7/2018), This is a protest action from the English citizens who refused the arrival of President of the United States (US), Donald Trump to the country.

In a report, the Balloon was in the form of a baby wearing a diaper with an angry expression resembling the face of President of the United States, Donald Trump.

64 thousand people have signed a petition to deny this Trump arrival.

About 1,000 people gathered in front of the British Parliament Building to witness the launch of the giant baby balloon. The committee dressed in a flaming red dress and wore a baseball cap with a large “Baby Trumpster” writing.

A demonstrator, Nicola Tanner says the act of welcoming this is very embarrassing by the British government.

He said the effort to please someone who does not intend to build mutual relations between the two countries he really pity.

“It’s embarrassing how our government turns somersault trying to please someone who is not interested in building a US-British relationship,” he said.

Trump arrived in London after attending a NATO summit in Brussels, Belgium, colored by a controversial statement that Germany is in captivity of Russia and member states should contribute up to 4 percent of gross domestic product to defense funds.