Assad Forces Seize the City of Syria’s War of Origin

Illustration. The Syrian flag was again flown in Dara'a, the home town of a seven-year civil war in the country. (SANA / Handout via REUTERS) – Syrian government forces have reportedly recaptured Daraa city from rebel forces.

Reported from CNN, Friday (13/7/2018), local media reports said the rebel forces will surrender their weapons to the Syrian government forces.

This can be achieved through a deal last week followed by Russia in Daraa.

In addition, members of armed groups agreeing to the agreement are allowed to remain in the area.

“Those who refuse reconciliation will be evacuated,” the SANA news agency said on Thursday.

The army was again raising the Syrian flag in Dara’a, the location where the insulting wall of President Bashar al-Assad sparked an uprising that later turned into a Syrian war.

For many Syrians, the war began in the agricultural city bordering Jordan. In March 2011, 15 teenagers were arrested for crossing school walls.

Tens of thousands of residents in Daraa have been reported to have been displaced since the outbreak of war in the city. Some went to Jordan for deat with Daraa border.