Theresa May Condemns Iranian Strike on Golan Heights

Theresa May Condemns Iran

Israel launched a counter attack on Iranian military bases in Syria after Tehran fired rockets on the Golan Heights. This incident happened only hours after Trump decided to pull out from the Iran nuclear deal. This big decision had been long desired by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Theresa May was reportedly furious about the withdrawal and condemned trump for the action.

Downing Street also condemns the recent strike initiated by Iran. A number 10 spokesperson revealed that he and his team have alerted Iran to not escalate the issue. They also have called on Russia to use the big influence it has on Syria. Iran and Russia have been involved in Syrian conflict for years. Putin particularly is known a staunch support of Assad’s regime. He has done a lot to help the leader defeat the rebel groups.

The strike launched by Israel mostly targeted the military bases in Syria, which include the logistic sites and weapon depots. There were more than 20 rockets used in the attack. This incident took place only a day after an Israel airstrike allegedly killed 15 people in Kiswah. It’s later revealed that these people were pro government and 8 of them were Iranian revolutionary guards. Iran nuclear deal pullout has garnered negative reactions from European nations.

UK and a few other countries had tried to approach Trump, so he could change his stance on this issue. But he ended up pulling out of the deal after dubbing it rotten and decaying. As expected, this action had Iran surprised. The country’s leader President Hassan Rohauni quickly responded by saying that he had “ordered the atomic energy organisation of Iran to be ready to start the enrichment of uranium at industrial levels.” Theresa May wasn’t the only one mad at the decision. Together with France’s Emmanuel macron, they said sorry to hear the decision.