Sukhoi Su-57 Pilot Equipped with Anti-Gravity Dress

Sukhoi Su-57 – Sukhoi Su-57 PAK-FA fighter pilots are reported to be introducing anti gravity clothing.

Reporting from Military, Friday (13/07/2018), Zvezda Research Company who has submitted designs that will be worn yabg pilots of the fifth generation aircraft.

The G-suit anti-gravity suit designed will make the pilot able to withstand gravity pressures that can reach 6G to 9G as the aircraft perform extreme maneuvers in the sky.

The G-suit prevents blood in the brain from flowing all into the abdomen and legs, preventing the pilot from passing out.

President Director Zvezda, Sergei Pozdnyakov, said that if their products have met the needs of gravity tolerance.

“Our G-suit is a one piece clothing that tightens the arm and all parts of the body. Tests have proven that our designs meet the needs of gravity tolerance. But to prove it would need a flight test, and then we will increase it again “he said.