Smoking Coilot, Chinese Aircraft Dropped 6,500 Meters

Air China is one of China's major airlines (Reuters) – A co-pilot on Air China flight reportedly smoked and caused the plane to plummet 6.500 meters.

It happened on Tuesday (10/07) from Hong Kong to the city of Dalian off the mask of oxygen and lower the plane more than 6,500 meters.

Investigators said he was trying to hide that he smoked but unintentionally turned off the air conditioner which caused a decrease in the oxygen level in the cabin.

A preliminary investigation by China’s civil aviation authority showed a copilot trying to turn off the fan to prevent smoke from reaching passengers in the cabin without informing the captain, but instead turned off the air conditioner.

The passengers said they were ordered to wear a belt, while the plane descended from a height.

If the aircraft loses pressure in the cabin, the pilot must lower the aircraft’s altitude to ensure the safety of the crew and passengers.

But once they see the air regulator turned off, they then turn it back on and bring the plane at normal altitude.

The government reportedly investigated the cause “in more detail”, through the examination of flight data records and cockpit voice recordings to determine exactly what caused this incident.