John Kerry Criticism of Donald Trump’s Attitude To NATO

John Kerry. Photo: AFP – John Kerry, Former US Secretary of State (US) strong criticism of the attitude of US President, Donald Trump over NATO.

Reported from The Washington Post, Thursday (12/07/2018), he assessed Trump’s attitude is not in line with the attitude of his country, the US.

As reported earlier, Prior to the NATO summit in Belgium, Trump was widely criticized for NATO member states. One of them is Germany.

Trump said that if Germany is fully controlled by Russia through gas pipeline gas giant project.

Although this news has been denied by Russia and Germany, but Trump still insist.

Trump also pressured NATO member states to increase their defense budgets. Trump argues that NATO members have very little defense spending.

Kerry says what Trump has done has damaged the image of the US in the eyes of the international community. He also mentioned that what Trump does is not in line with US interests.

“It’s embarrassing, destructive, and flying in the face of real US interests,” Kerry said in a statement, as reported by Anadolu Agency on Thursday (12/7).

“Trump is constantly destroying our reputation in the world, undermining our interests, reducing our alliances to maintain economic and strategic power that has enabled millions to live in freedom,” he continued.