Indonesia Prepares Sukhoi Su-35 Air Force Air Force Base

Photo: TNI AU – Indonesia has reportedly been preparing the Air Force (Lanud) Air Force Air Force Iswahjudi Magetan in East Java to become a base for Sukhoi Su-35 fighter from Russia.

Reported from the official website of the Air Force, Rab (11/07/2018), Indonesia reportedly will soon have a Russian-generation advanced generation 4 fighter.

Head of the Air Force Air Force Operation Iswahjudi Madiun, Major Sus. Hamdi Londong Alo said if to ensure the readiness of the arrival of advanced Sukhoi Su-35 fighter aircraft, Air Force Iswahjudi Air Force, received a visit from the Aeronautics Office of TNI AU Headquarters.

The delegation of the Aeronautical Service of TNI AU Headquarters, led by Colonel Tek. Bambang Triono. “The delegation reviews the readiness of TNI AU Iswahjudi Air Force, especially the readiness of personnel, operations and logistics,” said Hamdi.

Kolonek Tek. Bambang Triono said if in 2019, the combat aircraft was already in Indonesia.

“The Sukhoi Su-35 full combat aircraft is scheduled to come in stages starting August 2019,” he said.

There has been no official information about the number of Su-35 fighter aircraft that will be imported from Russia to Indonesia.