China’s Combat Aircraft, Shenyang J-15 Considered Flawed and Problematic

Shenyang J-15. Photo: China Morning Post. – China’s fighter jet, Shenyang J-15 Flying Shark is reported to often get into trouble. Aviation engine and control system as the main problem in China Navy Flanker.

Quoted by Reuters on Wednesday (11/7/2018), Therefore, China is reportedly developing a new aircraft-based fighter aircraft to replace it.

The J-15, which is China’s unlicensed development based on the T-10K-3 prototype of Russia’s Su-33 Flanker-D, has proved disappointing in the service of the Navy’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

The J-15 plane was also reported to have suffered an accident due to technical problems.

The seriousness of the problems on the J-15 is seen as the country continues to develop its successor. But the Chinese side has yet to clarify the development.

“New aircraft-based fighter aircraft to replace the J-15 are being developed,” Lieutenant General Zhang Honghe, deputy head of the PLA Air Force.