US Navy’s New Aircraft Carrier Suffers Another Failure

US Navy's New Aircraft Carrier

The US Navy’s new aircraft carrier the CVN-78 is touted as a disaster after failing to do its job well. It’s quite a surprise considering it costs nearly twice than the Nimitz class which has been praised for its performance. The new carrier failed to launch and recover aircraft. Reports say that the experimental systems were to blame for this situation because they weren’t proven even after having been developed for many years.

It suffered from another propulsion system a few months ago, marking the second time it’s faced a similar condition. The problem lied in the thrust bearing on the propulsion system, which directly linked to way it’s manufactured. General Electric was the one that held the contract to develop the bearings and it turns out that they’re made with machining errors. This is very unfortunate given the fact that this aircraft carrier is ahead in terms of cost of production. Yes, this is now officially the costliest vessel ever built.

She has faced numerous issues, from commissioning to cost overruns. To be in operation without a problem, the ship would need reliable critical systems, but sadly it doesn’t have these supporting elements, yet. Some experts claim that the lack of reliability would make it hard to conduct high-intensity flight operations. Trials for the Ford had been delayed numerous times because the 4 main turbine generators didn’t work properly. They had issues with voltage regulators.

The turbines were developed by Northrop Grumman. One of the regulators was reportedly suffered malfunction in 20167. As a result, it directly affected the performance of the number 2 turbine’s rotors. This had caused another problem to the turbine to the point where it needed a major overhaul. Despite dealing with so many issues, Naval Sea Systems Command said in a statement that they had nothing to do with the nuclear plant at all. This part was received from Bechtel.