Novichok Poison Victim’s Man Has Passed A Critical Period

Novichok's poison victim, Charlie Rowley. Photo: AP – A man in Britain who is reported to be a victim of Novichok’s nerve gas poison is rumored to have passed his critical period.

Quoted from the BBC, Thursday (12/07/2018), the victim known as Carlie Rowley was 45 years old and hospitalized in the Salisbury District.

An officer at the hospital, Under anonymous conditions said that the condition of the victim has progressed.

“Charlie Rowley (45) is no longer in critical condition after making further progress overnight,” he said.

Dawn Sturgess (44), a Charlie Rowley couple who was also hit by Novichok in Amesbury on June 30, died on Sunday.

Police are currently investigating possible links of this attack with the case of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his son Yulia. Both were poisoned with the same substance in nearby Salisbury in March.

The British government has blamed Russia for the incident, but Russia denies involvement in the attack.