Russia to Adopt New Assault Rifles: the AK-12 and AK-15

Russia to Adopt New Assault Rifles

It seems that Russian troops will carry new rifles after the reports saying the current AK-74M will soon be replaced by the direct descendants. They’re called the AK-12 and AK-15. The older generation was first introduced in the1970s. The Russian Military has allegedly more than 2 millions of AK-74S in different variants currently. There are way too many rifles circulating in the country, which is why replacing the current one has never been a priority. The rifles even outnumber the soldiers.

Besides, Russia wants the new rifle to match AK-74M’s performance. Another factor that delays the plan is oil prices that keep fluctuating in recent years. The new rifles share many similarities with their predecessor. The biggest difference is the AK-12 is designed for 5.45 x 39-millimeter ammunition. The AK-15, on the other hand, is chambered for 7.62 x 39-mm ammunition. This is the same as the ak-47.

Another thing that sets the new military weapons apart from the previous one is its support for new technology. It turns out that the AK-12 and 15 are both designed in a way that better supports modern accessories. For example, the rifles both have 2 picatinny rails. This mounting system was first introduced by the US army, offers the flexibility to attach items like laser pointers, scopes, etc. There is also a second rail on them, which serve to attach a vertical grip.

More details regarding these rifles have been collected from the manufacturer. Kalashnikov, the one responsible for these units says that the rifles are 34.64 to 37 inches long. The unloaded weight is at 7.7 pounds for both. They also share the same rate of fire, which is 700 rounds a minute. With all these specs, it’s not hard to see how the AK-12 and AK-15 would do great in battlefield since they’re made with modern ergonomics. As a result, they would be highly reliable.