Benjamin Netanyahu Meets Vladimir Putin in Moscow

Russian President Vladimir Putin meets Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo: Yuri Kadobnov / Pool via REUTERS) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly made a state visit and met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

Quoted from Reuters on Thursday (12/07/2018), the two met reportedly discussed the agenda of the two countries in Syria.

In the meeting, Prime Minister Netanyahu reportedly told how Israel managed to cripple unmanned aircraft on the Syrian border.

Russia is indeed one of Syria’s biggest allies. Israel is trying to build good relations with the Russians.

The second agenda of the country’s leaders will be to update the current conditions in their respective countries and discuss the peace process in Syria.

The Prime Minister of Israel was accompanied by a number of important officials when he visited Russia to meet President Putin.

So far, Russia has played a major role in the peace process in Syria. Especially the success of Russia on the truce talks with the Syrian rebels in Daraa.

The Surian and Russian forces have taken control of Daraa province bordering Israel.