Greece Expels Two Russian Diplomats, Two Others Blocked

    Photo: Google – Greece has reportedly expelled two Russian diplomats and banned two others.

    Reported from Sputnik, Wednesday (11/07/2018), This news was delivered in the newspaper of the Russian Diplomat in the country.

    The Greeks claimed that the expulsion was his country’s actions on charges against the two diplomats against illegal activities.

    They also say if the diplomats have damaged national security by intervening.

    “Athens accuses Russian diplomats of seeking to collect and disseminate information, as well as bribing government officials,” the article said.

    The Russian side has yet to give any official comment on the expulsion of the two diplomats.

    But the same sources say Greece basically continues to maintain good relations with Russia.

    The report claims that there have been attempts by Russia to intervene in highly sensitive national issues and support the interests of Greece in the Balkans, particularly with regard to the Macedonian name.

    “Diplomatic sources note that Athens’s decision exclusively refers to the actions of these four men, and not the overall good of Greece towards Russia,” he continued.