Member of the European Parliament Be Trial for Being a Russian Spy

Hungarian European Member of Parliament, Bela Kovacs. Photo: Reuters – A member of the European Parliament of Hungary on trial in Budapest. He is accused of spying on the EU for Russia.

Quoted from the Japan Times on Wednesday (11/07/2018), Member of Parliament was known named Bela Kovacs who was accused of being a Russian spy.

He is accused of spying on the EU and engaging in espionage for the interests of foreign countries. The charges against him had been filed at the end of last year.

Although Russia is not mentioned in the demands sheet, Kovacs, who often visits Russia, is suspected by the Prosecutor regularly meeting secretly with a Russian diplomat believed to be a secret service agent.

He is alleged to have sold secret information on enegery problems, the election of European Parliament and his country’s domestic politics to Russia.

Meanwhile, Kovacs continues to deny the allegations of the judges handling it.

The Russian side also did not comment on these allegations. He accused Prime Minister Viktor Orban Fidesz’s right-wing party of using it to attack Jobbik, Hungary’s biggest opposition party.

If proven to espionage, Kovacs may be sentenced to between two and eight years.