Russia denies report of his troops killed in Syria

Photo: BBC – Russia has denied reports in the media about the deaths of Russian soldiers in Syria.

Reported from Xinhua, Wednesday (11/07/2018), It was denied directly by the Russian Ministry of Defense in a press statement to the media.

As reported earlier, media reports say 35 Russian and Syrian soldiers were killed in a suicide bombing in southern Syria.

The ministry said: “It is not true that Rusiah soldiers were killed by suicide bombings in Daraa province or other Syrian territory.

“There were no casualties among Russian soldiers in Daraa province or across Syria,” the ministry said.

The ministry also called the media reports false, and the information was deliberately spread by the Islamic State group (ISIS).

“All Russian troops survive and do their work on a regular basis,” he added.

As is known, Russia has conducted anti-terrorist operations in Syria since 20015 ago at the request of a special Syrian government.

However, under the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russia began withdrawing troops from war-torn Middle Eastern countries in December 2017.

Russia also took part in the successful process of ceasefire talks in Daraa Province a few days ago.