Donald Tusk Asks Donald Trump to Respect US Allies in Europe

President of the European Parliament, Donald Tusk. Photo: AFP – European Parliament President Donald Tusk calls on US President Donald Trump to respect US allies in Europe.

Quoted by Reuters on Wednesday (11/07/2018), it was presented Tusk in a statement before the local media.

He said the United States should respect its allies in Europe. What’s more, Currently the US already has allies in the European Union.

“Dear America, respect your allies, however you do not have much,” Tusk said.

US and European relations, both with the European Union (EU) continue to deteriorate daily. With the EU, Trump’s relationship deteriorated after he announced new tariffs for steel and aluminum, which came under heavy criticism from the EU.

In addition, their relationship has also deteriorated due to US decisions coming out of Iran’s nuclear deal and US decision to impose sanctions on European companies cooperating with Iran.

The relationship between Donald Trump and NATO has also been reported to be increasingly tense for some time. Previously, Trump also criticized the NATO countries not to be stingy for their defense spending.