NATO Claims Russia Uses Syrian War to Boost Mediterranean Presence

Russia Uses Syrian War to Boost Mediterranean Presence

NATO’S Southern Europe Commander recently said that Russia has used its military role in Syria to boost its naval presence in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. President Vladimir Putin was accused of using Al Assad’s desperation to expand the power of the Russian military especially across Syria’s borders. He also pointed out several unprofessional incidents that involved Russian fighter planes. The region now has become crowded with the presence of Russian Vessels.

Washington has tried to reduce tensions with Russia, but the recent US-led airstrike in Syria reignite the tensions. The United States with its allies a few weeks ago launched missile strikes against Syria. They said it was aimed at Assad’s regime because he nonchalantly used chemical weapons to hurt his people. During a recent visit to Syria, Putin asked to withdraw a portion of Russian troops from the country.

Russia has been associated with conflicts in Syria for a few years. It all started in 2015, at that time, Russia staged air strikes to support Damascus. Russia has been known as a staunch supporter of Assad. “I order the Defence Minister and the chief of general staff to start withdrawing the Russian group of troops to their permanent bases,” he said in a televised speech. Putin was greeted by Al-Assad. He said the troops had taken part in fighting international terrorists or also known as the Islamic State Group. The two leaders were photographed shaking hands and smiling at each other.

Putin paid a visit on his way to Egypt. Last month he uttered his concerns regarding the war that’s happening in the country. He said the efforts have now transitioned from pure military intervention to political reform. The war has killed more than 340.000 people since the day it broke out. There are several countries involved in the conflict, but they’re divided into two. Russia, for instance, supports Assad’s regime, while others condemn his actions.