Japan’s Flood Victims Become 157 Souls

Photo: Reuters

atynews.com – The death toll from floods in Japan has reached 157 people dead. This was revealed by local officials.

Reported from ABC, Wednesday (11/07/2018), the official also said that the possible death toll will continue to grow.

Chief Cabinet Secretary, Yoshihide Suga delivered it in a press conference to local media.

“Landslides and floods in much of western Japan have killed at least 157 people,” Suga said.

Meanwhile, Suga said dozens of others still missing are being sought by a joint team of local natural disasters.

The Japanese government mobilized 75,000 troops and emergency workers and nearly 80 helicopters in search and rescue efforts.

“The Japanese government has also set aside USD845 million in infrastructure funding for disaster response, with USD4.22 billion in reserves,” Aso said, adding that additional budgets would be considered if necessary.

As is known, the devastating rain that hit Japan resulted in floods and landslides since last week.