China Will Hold International Conference Discuss Palestinian Issue

    Photo: AP – China is reportedly planning to hold an international conference to discuss further security issues in Palestine.

    Reported from Sputnik, Tuesday (10/07/2018), This was conveyed by Foreign Minister of China, Wang Yi in a forum of cooperation both.

    Mr. Yi said the conference was a form of Chinese support for Palestinian independence.

    Wang Yi spoke at the eighth ministerial meeting of the China-Arab Cooperation Forum (CASCF).

    He said that his country fully supported the Palestinian effort to form an independent, independent state with East Jerusalem as its Capital Mother.

    “China will continue to stand firm for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with its Capital Mother in East Jerusalem, to advocate for greater Palestinian involvement in the international community and to support the holding of new international conferences on the Palestinian issue,” Wang Yi said.

    He also said that the international community should give full attention to the expectations of the Palestinian people.

    “We can not let the Palestinians lose hope, China will continue to provide humanitarian aid to Palestine,” he continued.