Germany and China Make Cooperation To Fight US Trade War

Photo: Reuters – Germany and China intend to conduct economic cooperation between the two countries to face a trade war conducted by the United States (US).

Reported by Reuters on Tuesday (07/10/2010), it was delivered directly by German Chancellor, Angela Merkel in a press statement.

To realize the cooperation, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang even flew to Berlin late Monday to discuss cooperation projects between the two countries.

Li Keqiang was immediately greeted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel when she arrived in Berlin.

Last week, trade conflicts between the United States and China tapered, after President Donald Trump’s government imposed higher import tariffs on various tech goods imported from China.

The US move was immediately rewarded by Beijing with the adoption of higher import tariffs for US agricultural products.

China especially wants Donald Trump’s voters in rural areas and US farmland to feel the loss caused by the president’s trade politics.