8 Teenagers Have Been Successfully Released from the Cave of Thailand

The mouth of the Tham Luang Cave in Thailand has been the entrance to the location of the 12 adolescent traps with their trainers. (EPA)

atynews.com – A total of eight teenagers have been rescued by rescuers trapped inside Tham Luang Cave in Thailand until after noon.

Reported by Reuters on Tuesday (07/10/2010), it was submitted by local officials to the media in an anonymous condition.

The eight rescued teenagers were through two rescues.

Last Tuesday afternoon four teenagers who trapped successfully brought out the combined divers from various countries.

Reports from local officials, the condition of eight teenagers has gradually improved to date and hospitalized.

Nevertheless, he continued, the medical officers remain vigilant while awaiting test results. Moreover, two out of eight teenagers suspected of having a lung infection.

Since being removed from the cave, the eight teenagers expelled from the cave have undergone X-ray scans and blood tests.

Their health will continue to be monitored in the hospital for at least seven days.

Meanwhile, four other teenagers and their soccer coach are still inside the Tham Luang Cave.

There are currently four teenagers and one trainer waiting to be saved.