Italy Review of F-35 and F-35B Buyings From the US

F-35B. Photo: Reuters – Italy reportedly will soon review the contract of purchase of F-35 and f-35B aircraft from the United States (US).

Reporting from Omnibus La7, Monday (07/09/2018), This was stated by Minister for Defense Italy, Elisabetta Trenta in an interview.

He said that his country would no longer buy US-made combat aircraft.

“We will not buy the F-35 again,” Trenta said.

According to records, the Italian has agreed a contract to reserve 60 fighter jet F-35A and 30 F-35B fighter jet. However, the contract to be signed in 2012 will be reviewed to be canceled.

He also submitted an assessment to the contract the cooperation had been made by his country to review.

“We are assessing what to do about existing contracts,” he said.

He admitted that canceling the contract would likely harm Italy. The reason, the deal has the consequences of a strong financial penalty, which could hurt the Italian budget.

“Termination of contracts could have a negative impact on Italian workers employed in production,” he said. The list of other benefits of the deal is technology and research.