Germany Called NATO Want to Have a Good Relationship With Russia

    Angela Merkel. Photo: AFP – Germany via Chancellor Angela Merkel says that NATO wants to have a better relationship with Russia.

    Reported from Sputnik, Monday (9/7/2018), it was revealed Angela Merkel today in front of reporters.

    He also said that the German NATO members wanted to have a natural relationship with Russia.

    “We want both to have a natural relationship with Russia.That is why negotiations on the Russian-NATO Council will always happen,” Merkel said.

    He also said that Germany needs NATO as the world’s security guarantor.

    “We need NATO as our security guarantor, including the transatlantic alliance,” he said.

    Earlier this week, NATO officials reportedly voiced concern that NATO will not be on the agenda of talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President DONALD TRUMP in Helsinki.

    US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman revealed that Trump sees the upcoming meeting in Helsinki as a move that will help ease tensions between the two countries.