China does not accept two US warships across the Taiwan Strait

Photo: AP – The Chinese government commented on the actions of two US warships across the straits of Taiwan.

Reported by Reuters on Monday (9/7/2018), As is known, Two US warships crossed the Taiwan Strait on 7-8 july ago.

Head of the Taiwan Government’s Taiwanese Office of Liu Jieyi said that Taiwan must understand the real purpose of the US.

He said the Chinese government remains firmly opposed to the US attitude that is considered detrimental to China’s national.

“We are firmly opposed to any actions that harm China’s national interests, we will not accept that,” Liu said.

He assumes that the US side has been carrying out military provocations in the region.

“The Taiwanese public should clearly understand the true purpose behind this US movement and do not help them play the ‘Taiwan card’,” Liu said.

Meanwhile, Captain Charlie Brown, spokesman for the US Pacific Fleet, said in a statement that two US Navy vessels did a routine transit through international waters in the Taiwan Strait from 7 to 8 July.