North Korea denies denuclearization threatened?

(North Korea state media) – The process of denuclearization of North Korea is reportedly threatened void. This was disclosed after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited the country.

Quoted from Al Arabiya, Saturday (7/7/2018), This is expressed by a spokesman for the North’s foreign ministry.

“We have anticipated the US side will come up with a constructive idea, thinking we would take something in return,” the spokesman said.

A spokesman for the North Korean Foreign Ministry said talks between his side and Pompeo were unexpected. He said the outcome of the talk was really annoying.

He continued, North Korea’s commitment to denuclearization as to which talks Trump and Kim Jong Un seemed to be stalled.

“But through high-level talks, confidence between North Korea and the United States is facing a dangerous situation in which our determination to denuclearization, which has been firm and steadfast, may cease,” he continued.

He then said the fastest way to reach the nuclear-free Korea peninsula is through a gradual approach, in which both sides take constructive steps at the same time.