Dassault Mirage F1, Air Superiority Interceptor Aircraft

Dassault Mirage F1
Dassault Mirage F1

Dassault Mirage F1 is one of another France fighter aircraft made by Dassault Aviation. It was made from 1966 to 1983 and introduced in 1973. It was firstly flown on December, 1966. Now, more than seven hundreds units have been produced. Some countries use it for their fighter aircraft as Ecuador, Gabon, Iran, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, and Spain. Although this aircraft is almost 40 years old, but this still has its charismatics up to now. It has high mounted swept wings and ultra slim wings which can help to fly higher with supersonics speed, as well delta wings.

DassaultMirage F1, as a fighter aircraft, is completed by a pairof internal 30mm cannons and a guided medium range air to air missiles. Besides, it is equipped by a single SNECMA Atar 9k-50 turbojet engine which gives maximum speed up to 1.453 MPH. As an interceptor aircraft, Mirage F1 is established by air imaginary radar with radio transmition and ASTAC. ASTAC is based on ELINT/ESM systems in which designed for detecting, identifying, and localizing from all types. As it was built in eighties, this aircraft can be said as a great aircraft on its period. It is also completed by Omera 40 and Omera 33. Omera 40 is as a Panaromic camera and taking 180 degree downwards shots, whilst Omera 33 is camera taking shots vertically at intermediate attitude.

As it has been produced in many numbers, Dassault Mirage F1 has some variants to know. Mirage F1A is a fighter aircraft with single seat ground attack and limited to daylight only air to air ability. Mirage F1B is a two seat with combat capable aircraft and able to carry external cannon and fuel tanks. Mirage F1D is a training fighter aircraft which completed by double seat and ground attack aircraft. Some other variants are also made and coded based on the exported country.

Country of originFrance
Entered service1973
Crew1 or 2 men
Length15,3 m
Wing span9,32 m
Height4,5 m
Weight (Empty)7,4 t
Engines1 x SNECMA Atar 9K-50 turbojet
Maximum speed2.338 km/h
Combat Radius425 km
Cannon2 x DEFA 533 30 mm cannons
Missiles2 x super 530 and 2 x R550 magic air to air missiles; ARMAT anti-radar Missilers, AS.20L air to surface missiles, AM.39 Exocetanti ship missiles
Bombs250 kg of bombs including BGL 400 laser guided bombs