KAI KF-X, Stealth Jet from South Korea and Indonesia


KAI KF-X is the 4.5th fighter gen aircraft. It is locally produced South Korean versions of the American Lockheed F-16 multirole series. It is a program from South Korea (KAI, Korea Aerospace Industries) and Indonesia (Indonesian Aerospace) to develop the multirole fighter jet for South Korea and Indonesia where South Korea funds 80% while Indonesia 20%. It is planned to introduce in 2025 since now it is still under development. This corporation works only until the prototype steps done. Both countries dealt to produce about 200 units, where 120 units are for South Korea and 80 units are for Indonesia. This ongoing jet project will adopt four main technologies in fighter jet development. Those technologies are AESA (Active electronically scanned array) radar, IRST (infra red search and track), EOTGP (electronic optics targeting pod), and Radio Frequency Jammer (RFJ).

Later, KAI KF-X/IF KF-X will have single-seat and twin-engines aircraft with high interception and super cruise ability. The engines utilizes General Electric F414 or SNECMA M88. It will also have stealth technology better than Eurofighter Typhoon or DassaultRafale. Compare to KF-16, KF-X will have fighting radius 50% bigger, and better avionics using AESA Radar. Since USA governmentprohibits the export for weapon systems, thus AESA makes its own AESA with some helps from other country. Besides, it will have larger wings than F-16 which is able to produce friction to make it slower in acceleration. Physically, KF-X will be almost the same as F-22 Raptor, even in the radar cross.

KF-X is created into two type C103 and C203. It differs on the tail aft section and horizontal stabilizers. Besides, C103 is designed to be able to get fuel in when its flight. Then, it is completed by technology of Eject Launcher which can shot the missiles even in extreme maneuver.

Country of originSouth Korea and Indonesia
Entered service2025
Crew1 or 2 men
Length15,2 m
Wing span11,2 m
Height4,8 m
Weight (Empty)9.3 t
Engines1 x P&W F100 or GE F110
Maximum speed2.432 km/h
Combat Radius750 km
ArmamentAir to air MBDA Meteor, IRIS-T, AIM-120 AMRAAM, AIM-9 Sidewinder