Donald Trump Will Visit England Next Week

Donald Trump. Photo: CNN – President of the United States (US), Donald Trump is scheduled to visit the UK next week. This plan is actually a Trump plan that several times delayed.

Quoted from Reuters on Saturday (7/7/2018), “Former” rich businessman will be in the UK for three days starting from 12 to 14 July.

“The prime minister (May) has always said if he wants to print an ambitious trade deal with the US The issue of trade is certainly one of the agenda (in the meeting),” the prime minister’s spokesman said.

Later Trump will attend three important agendas in the kingdom. Meet Queen Elizabeth II, Meet British Prime Minister and visit the birthplace of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Although there have been several diplomatic fights with Washington, Britain is keen to establish a free trade agreement with the United States once the country comes out of the European Union next year.

“And Trump’s visit will be an important moment to recognize the close relationship between the two countries,” he added.

Prior to his visit to England, Trump would first attend a NATO meeting in Brussels.