China Trying to Recruit German MPs to Spy?

Photo: China Morning Post – The Chinese government is reportedly trying to recruit German lawmakers to be their spy.

Quoted from Reuters on Saturday (7/7/2018), this incident has reportedly been repeatedly occurred.

The Suedduetsche Zeitung newspaper reportedly distributed this information for the first time from German intelligence sources BfV.

Chinese citizens reportedly contacted German lawmakers several times in mid-2016. He offered money for some information, including their specific knowledge.

Bfv has warned the unnamed member of parliament. According to Bfv, the Chinese are believed to be intelligence agents.

Another MP was paid 10,000 euros, about Rp 170 million, by China to exchange for an information. The MP is also invited to China and is under pressure in the country.

Indeed, Bfv itself has long warned China’s intelligence in Germany.

Although the news has been published in various media, the Chinese government does not want to comment on this unilateral claim.