House Republicans Will Endorse Trump’s Military Parade

Trump's Military Parade

It turns out that House Republicans are here to support President Trump’s plans to hold a military parade by providing more tanks and planes to partake in the event. A provision is reportedly being considered, so the parade could be authorized in the future. They do this to show respect and admiration to the men and women uniform. Committee Chairman Rep. Mac Thornberry, R-Texas said on Friday that the purpose of the parade was to show appreciation to those who have sacrificed everything for the country. They also wanted to show some love to the families.

He wished the plan didn’t lead to partisan disagreements considering how important it is especially for the veterans. “For too long, our men and women in uniform have been victims of political discord,” he added. Apparently, this has been discussed for quite a while by Pentagon planners. They thought it’s a great way to honor not just the veterans, but also those in active duty.

Despite being a good idea, many accuse Trump of using this as a way to distract attention from negative news about his presidency. Besides, they also think there are other priorities that should be put at the forefront. Trump said in February that the parade would possibly take place in November which will coincide with Veteran’s day. If this goes as planned, it would take a route along Pennsylvania Avenue.

Trump request wasn’t so surprising because he was so mesmerized by the military display showed at the France’s Bastille Day Parade which he attended last year. It didn’t take long until he spoke publicly about his plan to create the same thing in his country. Not everyone agrees with this plan, though. Democrats have criticized him for this, saying that a parade will be a waste of time and money. Besides, they think it’s just Trump’s way to distract Americans from Russian investigation.