South Korea: North Korea is Building a New Ballistic Missile Submarine

The North is called building a new ballistic missile submarine. Photo / Illustration / Specialties – North Korea (korut) is reportedly building a new submarine capable of carrying three ballistic missiles.

Quoted from Newsweek, Saturday (7/7/2018), It is confirmed by a South Korean lawmaker (carousel) to the media.

He also said, Nothing changed after the summit between the United States (US) and also North Korea some time ago.

“Nothing has changed in North Korea,” said Kim Hack-yong, representative of the South Korean Opposition Party, citing sources from the defense ministry.

In fact, in addition to building a new advanced submarine, North Korea also continues to operate their nuclear and missile facilities.

“Contrary to the military-joint military suspension with Korea-US, North Korea is conducting military exercises on a scale similar to those of previous years,” Yong said.

The South Korean legislator’s comments came as US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited North Korea to continue discussions of denuclearization.