Former Navy SEAL Thailand Killed As Will Save 12 Children in Cave

Children from junior football teams that are more than ten days stuck in floods in Tham Luang cave. Photo / REUTERS – A former Thai naval soldier is reportedly killed as he will rescue 12 children trapped inside Tham Luang cave.

Reported by Reuters on Friday (6/7/2018), He was killed because of lack of oxygen. The victim is known to be named Saman Anan.

As is known, 12 Thai teenage footballer and their trainer trapped in a cave in Thailand.

Rescue a dozen children is difficult. Because, the path about 1.5 kilometers from the cave was still filled with water. The local Navy rescue team is trying to bring more oxygen to the cave complex.

A Thai army general says spending time is paramount in rescue efforts. “Today the most important thing is to insert air tubes into the cave,” said the general who declined to be identified.

Until now, the process of rescue assisted by several parties, meanwhile the military is still in process.

Bad weather factor, continuous rain that causes water to rise inside the cave becomes their main obstacle.