Doubtful, ZKZM Releases ZKZM-500 Weapons Trial

Video footage of the ZKZM-500 assault rifle laser trials dubbed the AK-47 China laser. Photo / Screengrab Video South China Morning Post – ZKZM-500 arms made by weapons companies from China, ZKZM much doubted by various parties.

Reported from China Morning Post, Friday (6/7/2018), One is an article published in TechCrunch.

In the article, the author says cast doubt on the power of the weapon and says the company is exaggerating the weapon’s features.

Not long after that, the weapons development company, ZKZM immediately sliced ​​a video of the Laser weapons test.

As reported earlier, this weapon is claimed to be able to shoot and burn the target at a distance of 800 meters or nearly a kilometer.

One of the showcased video clips shows the weapon used to aim the board propped against the wall some distance away, but it is unclear how far away.

Then the invisible rays are claimed to have shot as fired. The cameraman then approached the targeted board, where his condition was black and the fire blazed.

Another video clip shows weapons tested on car tires and T-shirts. Weapons are also practiced for slaughtering pork, which in an instant appears smoke and sounds someone nearby coughing from the smoke of pork produced by laser gun fire.

However, the company acknowledged that the range of a ZKZM-500 laser shotgun could be affected by rain or fog.

The weapon was 15mm caliber and weighs 3kg, which is almost the same as a Russian-made AK-47 rifle.

“Our device is the most advanced laser gun in the world,” a company representative said on Wednesday.