Son Of Isis Leader Killed By Russian Missiles

3 – Iraqi intelligence chief Falcon says that the son of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was reportedly killed in Syria.

Reported by Reuters on Friday (6/7/2018), known teenager named Hudhayfah al-Badri killed in a Russian missile attack into a cave where he hid.

In the report, Russia reportedly fired three missiles into a cave which is believed to be in the cave there are 30 terrorist leaders and a number of bodyguards Badri.

Falcon, Iraqi intelligence cell said at least 11 people were killed in the attack.

ISIS propaganda media had earlier told Amaq that Hudhayfah al-Badri was killed in an operation against Nussayriyyah and Russia at a thermal power station in Homs.

Nussayriyyah is a term used by ISIS to refer to the Alawi minority community that supports Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

“Al-Badri was killed in an operation against Nussayriyyah and the Russians at the thermal power plant in Homs,” the media said.

But this news is denied by the Falcon. Falcon said the 18-year-old was not a combatant.