Syrian Army Continues to Approach Golan, Israel Prepare Fleet Combat

Israel has deployed tanks on the Golan Heights. Photo / Specialties – Israel through a Cabinet minister said he was prepared to take action if Syria deployed troops in the demilitarized zone of the border.

The minister also said it had prepared combat troops and had sent troops, weapons such as tanks and fighters on the border as scarce anticipations.

Quoted from Reuters on Friday (7/6/2018), Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu even said he would not hesitate to take action against the Syrian military.

As is known, Syrian and Russian troops have stepped up their attacks in South Deraa to regain the territory after the peaceful process has failed.

The plan is that the next troop hopes to target the rebel-held Queitra, approaching the Golan Heights occupied by Israel.

A March report on United Nations Disarmament and Disappearance (UNDOF) activities at Golan says the Syrian military position maintains a position that violates the 1974 treaty, as did Israel such as 155 mm artillery deployment, Iron Dome anti-missile equipment and systems.

Israel on Sunday sent more artillery and tanks to the Golan in what it said was a precautionary measure in the battle of Deraa.