Human Rights Activist: Israel Make Gaza a New Weapon Test Site

Israel made the demonstration of the Great March of Return in Gaza as a trial and promotion of new weapons. Photo / Specialties – Human rights activists allege that Israeli military forces, the IDF have made Gaza a place to test their new weapons.

Reporting from Russia Today, Friday (6/7/2018), the activists also said, weapons that will be sold in the future.

In a report, they say that the Israeli Military and Defense Companies have exploited the siege in Gaza as a test arena of combat, innovation for new technologies.

Later the weapon will be marketed to the international community based on its effectiveness to civilians. Write the report.

“The Israeli military industry exploits the occupation of Palestine, and in particular the siege on Gaza, as a battlefield of weapons of testing, investing and technological innovation to be marketed to the international community based on their effectiveness on Palestinian civilians,” the report said.

The group is campaigning against the occupation of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

The NGO is run by the Women’s Coalition for Peace, an Israeli-based group that partnered with the American Nobel Peace Prize-winning Service Committee.