Palestinian Committee Urges World Prevents Israel to Destroy Villages in the West Bank

Palestinian women against Israeli soldiers. © REUTERS / Mohammed Salem – A member of the executive committee of the Palestinian liberation organization, Hanan Ashrawi urged the world to take action on Israel’s plans to expand Jewish settlements in Khan al-Ahmar.

Reported from PressTv, Friday (6/7/2018), He said that Israel’s actions are unacceptable.

As is known, Israel plans to destroy all villages in the western part of Palestine to be a Jewish settlement.

“The protection of Palestinian families and the forcible transfer of our population and making them homeless and hopeless is totally unacceptable,” Ashrawi said.

Ashrawi said the Palestinian population has lived in the region for 50 years. And the way Israel wants to destroy it is outrageous and inhuman.

“The fact that Israel wants to destroy an entire village where its inhabitants have lived for 50 years for the sole purpose of expanding illegal settlements is outrageous and inhumane,” he continued.

Previously, the European Union (EU) and a number of European countries threw a strong condemnation of Israel’s decision to dismantle to expand Jewish settlements.