Eurofighter Typhoon, The Best Multirole Fighter Aircraft Air to Air

Eurofighter Typhoon, The Best Multirole Fighter Aircraft Air to Air
Eurofighter Typhoon

Eurofighter Typhoon is one of the fourth generation multirole fighter aircraft which is designed with delta wings and canard. This fighter aircraft is always be compared to other modern aircraft asRafale Aircraft. They have similarity on the design and also in system, but still they are totally different in many aspects. As Rafale, it is also the fourth generation multirole fighter aircraft. The fourth generation aircraft has superior in higher exploring power.Eurofighter Typhoon was firstly flown in 1994 and introduced in 2003. Based on the data, it has been produced about 114 armada until 2007 and it will keep flying to 2040.

As it is using delta canard configuration, it is optimized to do transonic maneuver higher, faster, and able to carry many weapons inside. As a research shows that maneuver of Typhoon is better than Rafale which Rafale is still unstable.Besides, this Eurofighter aircraft applied Defensive Aids subsystem called Praetorian. This monitor can be automatically respond to the found air and land threats. As fighter aircraft, it has been well-provided of a Mauser BK27mm weapons to complete its shows. This weapon is a revolver with link lessammunition bait.

Eurofighter Typhoon is completed by X-band multimode radar which developed by EuroradarConcorcium. In 2007, AESA CAPTOR version was developed by Euroradar and successfully fly in this aircraft. Thus, the radar is called CAESAR now. Other radar, PIRATE (passive infrared airborne track equipment) is also added in left sideand front side. Pirate is utilized to search and track the infrared system and also provide the passive target detection. Typhoon is produced only in two variants as single seat and twin seat. The single seat is produced for the commercial needs, while the twin seat is produced only for training. It is priced about €90M-125M per unit.

Country of originGerman, Italy, Spain, UK
Entered service2001
Crew1 men
Length15,96 m
Wing span10,95 m
Height5,28 m
Weight (Empty)11 t
Engines2 x Eurojet EJ200 Turbofans
Traction60.00 / 90.00 kN
Maximum speed2.125 km/h
Combat Radius1.390 km
Cannon1 x 27 mm Mauser BK27
MissilesMix of AIM-120B AMRAAM or Meteor FMRAAM, ASRAAM or IRIST air to air missiles,ALARM antiradar missiles
BombPaveway III Aser guided bombs