UAE Army Reported to Visit Israel to See F-35

F35 Israeli. Photo: AP – The United Arab Emirates (UAE) military delegation is reported to have made a visit to Israel to see the US-made F-35 advanced aircraft.

Quoted from i24News, Friday (06/07/2018), In addition to the UAE Military, Israel, Also present representatives from the United States (US).

Indeed, the UAE does not have diplomatic relations with Israel. However, the foreign policy of the Arab countries is in line with Tel Aviv, which is equally opposed to Iran.

In the same report, UAE is reportedly keen to get the US-made F-35 fighter jet. Meanwhile, Israel is the first country to have a fighter jet in the Middle East region.

Turkey as a true NATO member has also received Lockheed Martin’s advanced aircraft. However, two aircraft submitted to Turkey are still in the US for training Ankara pilots.

Washington has threatened to block the delivery of the aircraft to Ankara unless the government of President Tayyip Erdogan canceled the deal on the purchase of Russia’s S-400 missile defense system.

The UAE, Israel and the US have no comment on the news of this visit.