Vladimir Putin Supports Militaryization in the South China Sea at Stop


atynews.com – Russian President, Vladimir Putih fully supports steps to halt militarization in the South China Sea region. He said the Militarized Way is only for violence in the Territory.

Reported from Russia Today, Thursday (5/7/2018), This was presented Putin in an interview with the TV station in the country when he was asked about the latest conditions in the Region.

He said China and the United States should commit to halt any kind of militarization in the Asia Pacific region in the South China Sea.

“I hope the US and China immediately stop the militarization step in the south china sea”. he said.

Although China claims that the area is his own, he urges him to take up negotiations with other countries.

As reported earlier, the US some time ago said China has militarized the region by sending a number of military there.

Meanwhile, China claims not to militarize in the region because it considers the south china sea is their territory.