“RIMPAC” war games in the Pacific will be attended by 25 countries

A US aircraft carrier, USS Carl Vinson arrived at Danang harbor, Vietnam, Monday (5/3). It became the first Navy aircraft carrier (AL) visit to Vietnam in 40 years since the end of the Vietnam War. (CHAN NHU / AFP)

atynews.com – The two-month war drama announced by the Pentagon began last week with 25 countries from across the continent.

Quoted from CNN, Thursday (5/7/2018), War exercises are known to be named “RIMPAC”.

Reportedly, There will be 46 warships and submarines. About 200 unique airplanes and 25 thousand troops from 25 countries will attend this exercise.

China is the only country not invited by the Pentagon in the Pacific region.

The Pentagon also claims that this exercise is the world’s largest naval exercise.

China’s uninvited in training for two months has led some experts to speculate. They say, It looks the United States (US) wants to show strength to Beijing.

It is also linked to deepening US and Chinese relations which in recent months are also heating up.

The United States also accused China of militarizing the South China Sea region even though China continues to claim that the area is its own.