Egypt Remove Name Mohamed Morsi From Terrorist List

Mohamed Morsi. Photo: AP – Court of appeal in Cairo, Egypt decided to remove Mohamed Morsi’s name from the list of terrorists in the country.

Reporting from Xinhua, Thursday (5/7/2018), As is known, Mohamed Morsi himself is a former President in that country.

The Egyptian Cassation Court overturned the final decision of the Cairo Criminal Court and ordered to return the case to a criminal court for review.

Not just the name Morsi, there are at least 1,500 names in the list of terrorists who were removed by name.

Among those cleared of the terrorist list are retired popular soccer player Mohamed Abou Trika, now a sports TV analyst in Qatar, who fled the country after he was accused of supporting the forbidden group.

As is known, in 2013 ago, the Egyptian military to do a coup against him and had to go down.

Many members and followers of the Muslim Brotherhood, including Morsi himself and the group’s supreme leader Mohamed Badie, are currently in jail.