North Korea and China agree US troops withdraw from South Korea

Photo: Reuters – Chinese President, Xi Jinping and North Korean Young Leader (North Korea) agree that US military troops (US) immediately pulled from South Korea (carousel).

Reported from Asahi Shimbun, Thursday (5/7/2018), it is reported they have agreed since their third meeting some time ago.

This report was first published by a newspaper in Japan. This deal, the report said was due to see US President Donald Trump stop the war with South Korea some time ago.

At least there are about 28,500 US military troops who are in South Korea at this time.

A source from the newspaper said the agreement between the US and North Korea could be one of North Korea’s gains to ask the US to withdraw its troops from South Korea.

“After signing a potential deal, Jong-un will likely ask Trump to withdraw US troops, but can still allow open options, as did his father, Kim Jong-il, during his reign,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, a few days ago, US Defense Secretary James Mattis also visited China and North Korea.