Syrian Army Says Enemy Rockets Hit Several Military Bases

President Al Assad

The Syrian army revealed that the rocket attacks launched by the enemy had successfully struck the military bases owned by President Al Assad. The attacks reportedly took 38 lives, while 57 others survived although with injuries. The death toll might still rise considering many of the fighters were severely wounded. Several sites were targeted by these attacks. The first one affected was the 47th Brigade base, located in the southern Hama District. The second and third sites were located in Northwestern Hama and North of the Aleppo International Airport.

Another source claimed the Sunday’s attack killed 26 people, most of were Iraqis and Iranians. Prior to the attacks, the bases were used to house missile warehouses. They were also manned by the Syrian army. Those injured from the incidents were quickly taken to nearby hospitals. The bombs have been identified as bunker buster bombs, which mean the launch was very likely airborne.

The Syrian newspaper Tishreen points finger at British and US military for the attack, but there’s no confirmation whether the accusation is true or not. This is slightly different from the previous attack aimed at the Assad regime. We basically had confirmation as to who’s behind it, but at this time, it’s still unclear because none has admitted to doing that. Meanwhile, the Iranian news agency Tasnim collected information from Fatemiyoun, which basically said the military base close to the city of Aleppo was safe.

Blasts could be heard from various places in the Hama Province, followed by a small earthquake. The Middle East region is going through a very difficult time right now. A White House readout also confirmed this situation. On Sunday President Trump met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The readout basically stated that the Middle East is indeed in crisis and there are a lot of problems to be solved, one of which is destabilization attempts from the Iranian regimes.