Increase Tank Ability, US Army Provide Funds USD 450 Million

An Abrams tank crew await their iteration during a proficiency qualification table during the 1-9 Cavalry gunnery. (U.S. Army/Sgt. Patrick Eakin) – United States Army (US) reportedly has spent around USD 450 million to improve the ability of their M1 and Strykers A1 tanks.

Quoted from, Tuesday (3/7/2018), Contract to renew the capability of the US tank was given to Leonardo DRS.

Later Tank M1 will be resistant to missile shoot that supported the Active Protection System Trophy.

The Army has been testing the Israeli Trophy system, created by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. in M1 as a way to counter the proliferation of advanced anti-armor missiles in countries such as Russia and China.

Leonardo DRS, a US company that partnered with Rafael, will provide the Trophy system, countermeasures, and maintenance kits, the release state.

In addition, the Stryker A1 is also built on the V-Double Vull variant, designed to protect against homemade mines and explosives.

The Stryker A1 will provide a 450-horsepower engine, a 60,000-pound suspension, a 910A alternator and a network in the vehicle, according to a recent GDLS press release.