Iran and five major countries to discuss nuclear deal in Wina

Iran nuclear reactor. Photo: AP – Iran and five major countries, Britain, China, Russia, France and Germany are reported to meet in Vienna on Friday to discuss a nuclear deal.

Quoted by Reuters on Tuesday (3/7/2018), This was conveyed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran in his press release.

Discussion of the nuclear agreement is done following the withdrawal of the United States (US) in the nuclear agreement.

“At that meeting, which will be held at the request of Iran, the Iranian Foreign Minister and five world powers will discuss the proposed European package and measures to protect the treaty,” wrote a report from Iranian state media.

As is known, the US decided to get out of the package of nuclear agreements about two months ago.

The US exit from the agreement immediately imposed sanctions on six people and three companies.

Iran itself strongly condemns the US exit from the agreement.