John Bolton: Iran’s presence in Syria is a major concern for the US

John Bolton. Photo: AP – United States national security adviser (AS0, John Bolton says that Iran’s presence in Syria is of major concern to the US.

Reported from CBS, Tuesday (3/7/2018), it was revealed in an interview session with CBS Face The Nation some time ago.

He said that there is a possibility of major negotiations to expel Iranian forces from Syria.

“There is a possibility for greater negotiations to help drive Iranian troops out of Syria and return to Iran, which will be a significant step forward,” he said.

He also said that Assad’s government is no longer a major US priority in Syria.

“I do not think Assad is a strategic issue, I think Iran is a strategic issue, not just their ongoing nuclear weapons program, it is their great support for international terrorism and their conventional power in the Middle East,” Bolton said.

The issue of Iran’s presence in Syria will also be discussed at the meeting of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin to be held on 16 July.